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Market research both in B2C or B2B context is a powerful tool that will allow you to direct your business and take the right decision. By performing market research and telephone surveys you will be able to analyze and explain the passed trends, geo-marketing behaviors of different groups of players and consumers.

CallTech Analytics specialized in helping companies to better understand the market and their customers. We are your best partner for any complex market telephone researches both B2B and B2C, with the many years of experience for top performing companies from Europe and other parts of the World.

We understand that only quality market research counts for our clients, therefore we do care about the required skills, experience and specialization of our research agents. All this with one of lowest price on the market, the quality research doesnt have to be cost-prohibitive.


Fact sheets

Industry General MR B2B General MR B2C Mystery shoping Customer satisfiction
Construction 560 20 0 0
Automotive 540 140 50 0
Medical 155 0 0 160
Retail 490 275 0 230
Electronic 190 120 0 400
Other industries 790 770 340 340



Customer satisfaction surveys

In today tough World economic reality the customer satisfaction surveys are a highly effective method of gaining feedback from your customers and play a vital role in measuring, managing and improving customer loyalty.

Our customer satisfaction surveys utilize a variety of methods which include: CATI based phone surveys, IVR, email, and on-line. We’ll find out what works best for you and your customers.

Through customer satisfaction surveys you can:

Understand Customers – Identify the critical touch points that drive customer satisfaction – increasing sales and customer loyalty along with any areas that require focus and improvement.

Continuous Feedback – Empowering managers throughout your business to work with their teams to ensure they are delivering the best experiences and improving training with continuous real-time feedback.

Satisfaction retrieval – When things are going wrong a company reputation may suffer. Through our Critical Focus alert notifications, you can quickly identify customers who have had a negative experience and efficiently perform customer recovery measures, saving customers and protecting your business.

Analyse and raport – Our Customer advanced Reporting Platform, will give you access to accurate and on-time results



Mystery shoping

Mystery shopping , is a powerfull tool used to measure quality of service, or to gather specific information about products and services. CallTech Analytic can perform any type of phone based mystery shopping project, to evaluate quality of your sale, technical or customer support teams thous insuring their constant improvement in order to serve your customers in the best possible way.




Delivering right information


Clients Testimonials

  • We are working from 2006 on with CallTech. Since then they conducted multiple telephone surveys and desk researches in Europe and intercontinental (Mexico, South Africa). We are very satisfied with the flexibility of Call Tech and the quality of the results. CallTech has proved over the last years to be a trustworthy partner for international research.
  • I confirm that the company, Call Tech contributed to our project with accurate and reliable outcome. There were some urgent stuff or hard requirements for completed questionnaires, but Call Tech worked hard and achieved all within the required timeframe. I appreciate for all their efforts and will ask a help for other projects in the future…
  • We have been working with CallTech from 2007. Since then they conducted many telephone surveys in Europe. We are very satisfied with the professionalism of CallTech team and the quality of the results. Call Tech has proved to be a reliable partner for international researchs.