Who We Are

CallTech Analytics part of CallTech outsorcing group

CallTech Analytic is the multilingual team of professionals with almost 10 years of Worldwide market research experience. Since 2005 our professional team has fulfill multiply research projects in most of the European markets and Worldwide CallTech Analytic specialized in helping companies to better understand the market and their customers. We are your best partner for any complex market researches with the many years of experience for top performing companies from Europe and Worldwide. We understand that only quality market research counts for our clients, therefore we do care about the required skills, experience and specialization of our research agents. All this for the very competitive price, the quality research doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. We use our innovation technology aimed to make our price for telephone research as affordable as possible.Offering full circle of the market research CallTech Analytic would be your best choice of any CATI based market research including B2B; B2C; Mystery shopping and Customer satisfaction.Our company have our own multilingual in-house contact centeralways ready to fulfill any urgent big or complex CATI market research project, fast and efficiently.



Sviatoslav Zhelekhovsky CEO and co-founder of CallTech Outsourcing group.

Has more than 12th years of experience in the outsourcing and marketing industry with overall 17th years working experience in both Ukraine and United Kingdom.Have master degree in Lviv University plus studding professional certificates in United Kingdom. BICS associate member and assessor.Member of the Tax payers association.

Financial Director

Iryna Zhelekhovska Financial Director and co-founder of CallTech Outsourcing group.

Has more than 12th years of experience in the outsourcing industry, including more than 9th years in CallTech group. Co-founder and financial director.Have master degree from foreign languages.


Our Professional Team

Julia Boyko-Senior Project Supervisor CallTech group.Has 5 years experience in outsorcing industry, 2 years of experience in the tourism industry.Previously lived and studied in Greece, finished high school in Greece, Athens. Bachelor degree in Management.Has two certificates of Competency in English from University of Michigan and Cambridge as a second or foreign language.Speak several foreign languages Ukrainian and Greek on the native level, English and Russian advance level.


Olga Yusko-HR Manager CallTech Analytics has 5 years experience in Call Centre, and 3 years of experience in the marketing industry. Philology Master degree – Polish language translator.Has certificates on:”client-oriented service”,”stress management”,”Conflict management”,”Technology of communication”


Yurii Raba– IT Manager CallTech group, has 7 years of experience in the computer industry. Economics Master Degree – Marketing specialist, has few years of marketing industry experince.



Maryana Gembus-Project supervisor of CallTech Outsourcing group.Has 6 years of market research experience including 4 years at CallTech.Has conducted marketing researches for different companies around the World.Has good working experience with Slovak and Czech languages.Slovak philology master degree.


Mary Meleshko-Assistant Project Supervisor.Bachelor degree in Philology – Teacher of German language and literature. Has 1 year experience in outsourcing industry, worked as translator, has experience of teaching German. Speaks several languages : Ukrainian on the native level, English, German, Polish, Russian – advanced level.


Veronika Patek-Marketing specialist.Has graduated from Lviv National University, Economics Faculty, got a master’s degree with honors specialty “marketing”.Has worked in advertising industry for a several years. Also has experience working in marketing department of the Polish Bank.



Christina Chopanyuk-Sociologist analyst.Received higher education at NU “LP ” in ” Sociology ” and got master’s degree on a specialty “Management of educational institutions .” Since 2011, actively participate in all phases of sociological researches